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February 10th, 2005

05:29 pm

My name is Meg and I'm doing a study on female former self-injurers for my undergraduate thesis. I was a self-injurer myself for two years, and i've been in recovery for five.

If you are a female former self-injurer, i'd really appreciate it if you'd take a few minutes and fill out my survey.

There is more information about the project and the survey here.

If you know anyone else who might be interested in participating please let them know! Thanks!

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December 7th, 2004

09:05 pm - Eating Disorders Research
(If you’ve seen this on other communities, its been UPDATED, please read) Hey everyone, Id like to introduce myself. My name is Lindsay and Im 22, a graduate from SUNY Fredonia. I will be going on to grad school in Fall 2005 and in the meantime I want to do some research. I will be going on to school for social work to study eating disorders. I am in the very early stages of putting together a lengthy survey that I plan to turn into a book (before I return to school).
This is where all of you come in. I would like to know if any of you would be interested in taking a survey such as this. It would be completely confidential (you would give only me personal info. for my record-keeping). This is going to be looked over by a lawyer before I send it out, so it will be very legit. The questions range from demographics (name, age, sex etc.)- personal data such as names would not be disclosed, to questions about your personal struggle, media influence, mental health background etc. I believe I am qualified to do research like this because I have struggled with an eating disorder for years, I feel like I have a non-judgemental outlook and the ability to ask questions that maybe haven't been asked before.
I’d like to make it CLEAR that I am looking to survey males and females of ALL shapes and sizes as well as current health statuses. If you have struggled with an eating disorder in the past or are now and you happen to be interested, great! If not, that is absolutly fine and I hope that I haven’t offended you by posting on this community. I have posted to this community because it includes the interest ‘eating disorder’. I am at the beginning of my research, and it will take me a lot of time to get a wide range of people (pro AND anti ana people etc.)
This is a rather non-personal email (sorry) that I intend to send to as many of these eating disorder based livejournal groups as possible. That is because I need help from ALL of you. If you are interested- email me
If you respond to this on a community, chances are I won’t see it for a very long time. This is because I am having very successful responses (YAY) from this post, and it takes me a very long time just keeping up with my emails. I am so sorry about that and I mean no disrespect to your community, if you feel that way then you may simply delete this post.
Please keep in mind that I am in the beginning stages and although I want to move the processes along quickly, it may take time before I am able to send the finalized survey out. If you email me, I will try my best to respond in a timely fashion and answer any questions you may have.
Thank you so much, Lindsay

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July 11th, 2004

05:18 am - join

join inthecut_

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May 28th, 2004

12:36 pm
I'm starting a community and trying to get people to join. Its a community where people can come and just say random shit, ask advice, etc. I made it cause everyone else are suck tight asses when it comes to the rules so thats why there aren't many rules here. Please Join :)


is the link.


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January 27th, 2004

12:21 am
Last year I counted in my head and realized that every other year I'd swing deep into depresseion, and then back out. And that every time I descended into depression, rock bottom was a little further down.

Last year was my 'happy year'.

I had a razor tonight...

I've never drawn blood before. Scratched myself, made little red and white welts that leave in a day, but never drawn blood.

I feel guilty, because I had a friend hospitalized last year for this sort of thing. But I feel kind of good, too.

I have a vine drawn on my calf now. I think... I think next time I feel like this, tomorrow, or the day after, or whatever... I think I'll add leaves to it.

Is this the right place for me?

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December 31st, 2003

02:43 pm
happy new year

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October 21st, 2003

10:34 pm
& then i was panicking myself into being triggered.
whilst reading through an si support group.

that has never happened.

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September 10th, 2003

12:04 am - Hello.
Hey Everyone.

I'm new to this commumity and just wanted to quickly introduce myself. My name is Tami, I'm soon to be 19, I'm from New Zealand and I have been a self injurer for about 5 years now. Things just keep getting worse and I'm really just looking for people who feel like me too talk to. If you want to add me to your friend list - go for it - I'll add you back. Look forward to talking to you all,

Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: Baby Boy - Beyonce

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September 9th, 2003

05:14 am - blah
i am thisclose to breaking.......

i want to so bad.....
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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August 29th, 2003

08:16 am

because i went out with those two last friday. it was 2AM when they called me. i had fallen asleep reading my book, i had fallen asleep still wearing my pants & bra still. i couldn't quite tell if they were glad to see me, i guess so. i ran outside into the cold fully dressed in layers, the cold woke me up. i stood in the middle of the road until they came by, 20seconds later. there was a blonde & interesting & quiet girl sitting in the back seat. we took her to these places we had always gone to, to have a cigarette, to smoke dope, to laugh. because we want to see everything, be everywhere. it was closer to 5AM than 4AM by the time we got her home. we sat down at the harbour and had a cigarette and spoke about the evening, they told me about her briefly. ex-anorexic. ex-self injurest. deep depression. i have told one of them, the other it came time to say. for him to know. i've done so well this year. this is my best year. but it is still there, that feeling.

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